A number of hotel gambling machines at MGM Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas went offline

MGM released a statement indicating that despite the cybersecurity disruption, the resorts continue to offer their usual dining, entertainment, and gaming experiences

Guests still had access to their hotel rooms, and the front desk was ready to assist as needed.

The exact number of individuals affected by the cybersecurity disruption remained unclear

. MGM operates several renowned properties in Las Vegas, including Mandalay Bay, Aria, the Bellagio, and MGM Grand

According to Greg Moody, an associate professor of information systems and cybersecurity at the University of Nevada,

Dr. Moody speculated that the attackers may have identified a vulnerability in MGM's network and exploited it

Attackers frequently engage in ransomware attacks, where they steal an organization's data and demand a ransom for its release.

They may also sell the stolen data on dark web markets for identity theft purposes.