How to Change Your Spotify Username: Step-by-Step Guide

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Hey there, music enthusiasts! Welcome to a sonic journey where you take control of your Spotify experience. I’m Harsh, and today, we’re diving into the realm of Spotify usernames – an element often underestimated but crucial in shaping your musical identity.


Fed up with How to Change your Spotify username drowning in the vast sea of anonymity? Eager to discover the magic trick to alter how to change your Spotify username? Fret not, as the direct path to changing your username might be barricaded, but we’ve got an ace up our sleeves—unlocking the potential to personalize your display name. In simpler terms, we’ve got the scoop on how to make your presence on Spotify uniquely yours!

In the vast realm of Spotify, where the user community has skyrocketed, hitting a whopping 515 million in the first quarter of 2023 with a remarkable 22% YoY surge, standing out becomes paramount.

As the Spotify constellation expands, it’s your time to sparkle uniquely. How? Simply by adopting a distinctive display name. Are you prepared to celebrate your individuality and illuminate the Spotify galaxy like a star?

Username vs. Display Name

Before we proceed, let’s clarify the difference between a username and a display name.

Spotify UsernameSpotify Display Name
You use it to log in to your Spotify account. It’s a unique identifier that you can’t change.It replaces your username where it shows on your profile, app and playlists. You can change it in the app or on the web.
Only you can see it in the app or on the web.Your friends and other people on Spotify can see it.
It may be visible in the URL of your profile page if you share a link to it.It’s not visible in the URL of your profile page.

How To Change your Spotify Username on Mobile

To change your display name on Android and iOS devices:

1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and tap on the Home tab at the bottom of the screen.

Open the Spotify app and Tap Home Tab

2. Tap on the Settings (gear) icon in the top-right corner.

Tap on the Settings

3. Tap View Profile, then click on Edit.

Tap View Profile, then click on Edit

4. Enter your desired display name and then tap Save.

Enter your desired display name and then tap Save

Voila! You’ve successfully changed your display name.

How To Change Spotify Display Name on Desktop

1. Login through Spotify’s website.

Login through Spotify’s website

2. Click on your profile picture icon in the top-right corner to open the drop-down menu.

Click on your profile picture icon in the top-right

3. Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

Select Profile

4. Tap on the three dots and choose Edit from the drop-down menu.

Tap on the three dots and choose Edit

5. Enter your desired display name in the text box and click the Save button to apply the changes.

Save button to apply the changes

Congrats! You’ve changed your display name successfully.


What’s the hurdle preventing me from switching up my Spotify username?

Spotify throws a curveball by generating a mix of letters and numbers as usernames during its 2018 update, and unfortunately, these are set in digital stone. The rationale? By automating this process, Spotify keeps its data shipshape and efficiently manages user accounts.

Why the randomness in Spotify-assigned usernames?

Spotify opts for randomness to streamline behind-the-scenes operations, ensuring each user gets a unique identifier. This strategic move prevents clashes and guarantees that no two users end up sharing the same username.

Can the power of a premium account break the Spotify username mold?

Alas, even with a premium account, the Spotify username remains unyielding. The digital decree stands firm: once assigned, no alterations are in the cards.

Wrapping Up Your Spotify Style

As we wrap up this journey toward personalizing your Spotify experience, the elusive act of changing your username may be beyond grasp, but fear not! A realm of possibilities beckons. Through the art of tailoring your display name, you can etch a distinctive mark among fellow music enthusiasts, unveiling your unique taste and style like never before.

While the doors to altering how to change your Spotify username might be closed, the real query becomes: How will you seize the chance to leave your imprint and stand out in the harmonious landscape of music? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The stage is set, and the playlist is calling — it’s your moment to shine and conquer the Spotify universe! 🌟

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